Want to bring more people into your tribe AND make a 7-figure income?
Thought about health supplements, but don’t know where to start?
Dino Scrivani - Founder of The Health Supplement Blueprint
Have you ever dreamed about having your own products, but got bogged down with product design, finding the right manufacturer, formulations, and all of the other aggravating technicalities? Looking at all of the red tape makes you want to tear your hair out! 
My name is Dino Scrivani. I help Entrepreneurs and Influencers create their own purpose driven health supplement company, get it on the market and grow their business. Fast. 
If you're in the health space or looking to get into the health space - Listen Up:
Let me tell you, though… developing your own supplement is worth it. Like REALLY worth it! It’s expected to be a whopping $278 billion (that’s with a B) dollar business by 2024. What would you do with a tiny slice of THAT pie?

That’s why I’ve made this course. This step-by-step blueprint takes you from start to finish to create your own supplements product line for your business. When you’ve finished it, you’ll be able to offer something you believe in AND potentially make 7 figures a MONTH!!
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"Dino is an expert at creating supplement lines that sell like wildfire and WORK really, really well."
Jacob Marfoglia - Health Supplements Connoisseur/Marketing Specialist
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Who is my online course for? 
My course is for entrepreneurs and influencers in the health and beauty niche who want to offer their own quality supplements to their audience in the easiest possible way. 
It’s for people like....
The yoga instructor that wants to offer a natural stress support supplement to her followers…

The entrepreneur looking to start their first health supplements company…

The Spa owners looking to add their own branded Health Supplements to their business...

The natural wellness coach who wants to offer their own CBD product...

The jacked personal trainer who wants to offer a “Pump” product to his followers….

The fitness enthusiast that wants to offer a product for natural testosterone support…

The "Viking" who wants to provide his own beard oil to his audience…

The wellness coach who wants to create her own natural sleep aid product…

A salon owner who wants to offer hair, skin and nails products to her customers…

The fit stay-at-home mom who wants to sell an instant face lift product to her audience…

The Entrepreneur looking to offer their own branded Pet Supplement...

If these sound like you, or you want to be someone like the people in this list, keep reading!
Why is offering supplements so hard?
Take it from me, it’s SO damned confusing to start selling supplements if you don’t know where to start. Digging into all of the rules is, frankly, a pain in the ass. Despite the billions of dollars in the industry, too many are afraid to step in and get started. And it’s no surprise! Creating a brand new health product can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to formulate and test. It’s really really hard to break into the business from scratch.
"You've really crafted something that helps people. That takes them from A to Z"

-Seth Diggs
Entrepreneur/Business Coach/Pet Supplements

How can you reach 6, 7 figures selling your own Health Supplements?
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How will supplements benefit my audience and me?
So we’re gonna skip all that BS and go straight to the good stuff. How? We’re going to find successful supplements that have already gone through all that and learn how to private-label them. I have access to over 120+ stock formulas across a wide range of niches that are effective and from manufacturers I trust. These formulas have PROVEN SALES HISTORY totaling over $250MM and growing!  Private-labeling an existing product is the EASIEST way to sell more value to your audience without the effort of building a supplements revenue stream from scratch and spending TONS of money. How does that sound?

What you’ll get out of this course is a blueprint for creating an EASY supplements revenue stream that runs on autopilot and is extremely profitable. But for your customers, you get to offer increased value and build your brand to an even higher level. There are quality supplements out there that can help your customers achieve new levels of health, strength, youth, vitality, and beauty. We’re NOT looking to sell knock-off crap supplements here (I’ll show you how to avoid that!) We will be selling effective supplements that will help your audience reach their goals. No foolin’!

-Jared Bennington 
Global Business Solutions 
What are some of the products available that I can Private Label with my own branding?
Weight loss - Thermogenic - Fat burners - Appetite Control - Digestive Enzymes - Ketones and much, much more!

 Sports Nutrition - BCAA's - Whey Isolate Protein - Pre-workout - Testosterone Enhancement - Nitric Oxide Products - Creatine - Glutamine and more!

Hemp Oil - CBD!

 Hair and Beard - Beard Oil (15 scents) - Hair Oil(10 scents) - Hair Skin & Nails - Biotin Pure - Beard Balm(10 Scents)

 Detox - Super Greens - Colon cleanse - Enzymes - Max Detox and more!

 Women's Health - Female Enhancement -Prenatal - Ultra Multi Vitamin and more!

 Men's Health - Male Enhancement - Natural PCT - Prostate Formula - Tribulus Pure - Natural Testosterone Support - Ultra Men's Multi Vitamin and more!

 Skin Care - Anti Wrinkle - Anti Aging - Instant Face Lift - Eye Treatment - Moisturizer - After Shave - Vitamin C Serum - Hair Skin & Nail - Phytoceramides and more!

 General Health - Anti Anxiety - B-12 Drops - Blood Sugar Support - Cinnamon 600MG - coQ10 - Diabetic Support/WMB - Eye Health - Joint Flex - Krill Oil - Liver Care - Moringa - Nootropic Brain Support - Nighttime Recovery - Omega 3 - Organic Coconut Oil - Probiotic 40B - Natural Sleep Support - Turmeric W/ Bioperine - Turmeric W/Ginger - Vitamin D3 - Apple Cider Vinegar - Ashwagandha and more!

 Pet Supplements - Eye Health - Hair Skin & Nails - Joint Formula W/Turmeric - Tooth Health - Total Health - Turmeric and more!
"Anything he touches turns to gold and with his contacts in the industry and expertise he can guide anyone to insane success"
Tim Kosmowski - NitroPump Nitric Oxide
What will I get out of the course?
In this course I teach the best and most effective way to add branded health supplements to your brand. This is a personal course where I share my expertise in building 7-figure brands directly with you. Apply what you learn here and you’ll have a revenue stream that can take you all the way to 7-figures.
Here’s an example. You might have read about the LadyBoss™ brand already, but if you’re not familiar here’s the story. They had a great business, but their audience and income were starting to level off. Entrepreneurs, you know the rule! If you’re not growing, you’re slowing.

They operated a profitable online presence through their social media while offering workout plans and programs to their audience. Demand was super-high in their audience for more products, but they had nothing else to sell. That’s a problem with information products. Once they have the info, it’s hard to upsell!

So they introduced health supplements to their audience. And guess what happened after two years? No, guess!

80% of their sales came from their supplements.

If I didn’t have your attention before, I sure hope I have it now! Imagine making seven figures each month.
What would that deliver to you and your family? What would you be able to achieve then?
Take a moment…

In my course, I’ll teach you *exactly* how to make YOUR fortune with supplements, just like the LadyBoss™ brand.

They started getting 7-figures. Not yearly. MONTHLY!

Once the system, that you’re going to learn in this course, was in place, it was all done on AUTOPILOT!

Now let’s see what you’ll get in this course.

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"If you implement just half of what he offers in his bonus section alone, you'll be amazed with the results"

Mark Williams 
-National Physique Committee 
"This course was the best decision I've ever made. With the help of just 12 lessons and the business coach Dino and expert in his area... now, I'm able to offer something I believe in and something that made my business successful right away"

Vladimir Nicolas
-Fitness Enthusiast
-Social Media Influencer
The Blueprint To Supplements Success
You have the audience and I have the guidance. Here’s how you’re going to DOMINATE the industry and why I’m the guide to take you there.

I’ve brought a big STACK of health supplements to the market. Again and again. Every brand I touch these days turns into a 6- or a 7-figure revenue stream and there is an exact reason behind it. 

I developed a rock-solid profit generating system with health supplements, but it wasn’t easy and it wasn’t cheap. I burned through plenty of Benjamins on masterminds and courses but got my most valuable experience from getting my hands dirty in the field. I’ve poured ALL of my knowledge into this course because I think that everyone deserves to feel better and feel more fulfilled.

I’ve built a successful supplement businesses not once, but many times for clients and myself. I’ve even crashed and burned a few times and came right back to success. I’ve folded my successes and failures into this blueprint so you’ll have the best chance of reaching success in this highly-profitable niche. You shouldn’t have to make those same mistakes to get your brand to market. Heck, you don’t have time to make those mistakes because your supplement success needs to happen now!

The Blueprint for creating your own purpose driven health supplement company is a 12 lesson online course which is jam-packed with everything you need to start your own private-label health supplement line. You’ll get everything you need to go from zero knowledge of the industry to sales success.

The rungs on your success ladder are:

  •  A comprehensive look at the supplement industry
  •  Corporation options and choice
  •  Trademark search
  •  Discovering your why and vision
  •  Finding your ideal supplements customer
  •  How to serve that customer
  •  Choosing your manufacturer and product
  •  Your brand voice, name, colors, logo, slogan-tagline and more
  •  How and who to hire when building your brand
  •  Design (label and message)
  •  Website creation and inputting your brand voice
  •  Bring your brand to life
  •  Social media management
  •  Marketing and advertising
You’re also going to get a whole bunch of AWESOME BONUSES that we use daily to grow our Health Supplement businesses...Golden Nuggets that I've acquired through networking with the best of the best in the health supplement industry. 

My course takes years out of the learning curve. I’ve been there, done that, and f*ed up TOO many times in the process. But you’re going to benefit from my pain… I will guide you through the minefield to a potential of 7-figure success. Just implement the teachings in my course!

For instance, I’m going to give you access to my MY PERSONAL BUSINESS NETWORK. I’ll put you in contact with my web designers, copywriters, graphic designers, FB ad experts, sales funnel specialists, social media managers, video production, the whole shindig. Having these resources at your disposal literally takes YEARS of pain and heartache out of the equation.

Here’s something that no other course offers. When you sign up, you’ll already have access to the big box stores that you can sell your product in.  WHAT?! Yup! I know I got a SUPER thrill when I first saw my products in Wal-Mart and in Amazon.

There are tons of EXTREMELY VALUABLE videos, exercises, handouts, and more in the course, and on top of that your'e going to be able to talk with real life people about the experience. I’ve set up a private Facebook group – if you’ve got any questions, you can get answers from students who are right there with you. You’ll also have direct access to me!

Now, how much are you looking at here for this? The course is $4,997. BUT, we want to see more people creating their own branded health supplement, make a difference and crush it in the industry. So, for a very limited time we are offering The Health Supplement Blueprint Course for $1,997! Yup!

$1,997 or 2 payments of $1,148.

I don’t doubt that you are driven enough for a successful business or you already have a successful business, but wouldn’t you like to take that extra trip? Give that extra check to your favorite charity? It should be child’s play to sell $2k worth of your product to the audience that already loves you. Heck, we show you how you can do that with one trick in the bonuses alone! 

All it takes is a little elbow grease and the right guide...

Finally, let me offer you my guarantee. If you find that you’re not absolutely, positively, completely satisfied and on the road to creating your OWN 7-figure health supplement business, contact me. If you show me you’ve done the work and aren’t successful with it, I will refund your money no questions asked.

Stop wondering about how you’re going to help your tribe and take them to the next level with supplements. My blueprint for creating your own purpose driven health supplement company is an A-Z game plan that will change your brand forever. All you have to do is...
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10% of ALL Course Sales are donated to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
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"After going through the course there was honestly nothing I could have added. It was truly everything that you would ever need if you wanted to start a supplement business. I advised that the mentoring should be at least $10,000 which to my surprise he decided to charge a lot less at the end."
-Alan Cheng
Entrepreneur, mentor & founder of...
"Honestly, it was the best thing that I ever could have done for my business"
"Honestly, it was the best thing that I ever could have done for my business"
- Jared Kaminsky
Natural Solutions
"Having access to the Health Supplement Blueprint course and the entire business network that comes with it has been a game changer for me!"
"Having access to the Health Supplement Blueprint course and the entire business network that comes with it has been a game changer for me!"
- Jennifer Coley
Create your own branded health supplement NOW!
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